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Bucky Covington has something very special in the works.  The country singer has announced that he and his fiancée Katherine Cook are expecting are having a baby. 

Their impending little bundle of joy will be the first child for the couple, who've been together for seven years.  Bucky says he and Katherine are thrilled to see their family grow, and they're "so excited to share this news with friends and family."  And the former "American Idol" finalist doesn't want to wait to find out if he'll have a son or a daughter.  He tells "People" he wants to know "right now," because he wants to refer to the baby as "he" or "she," not 'it." 

Bucky adds that as he prepares to become a father he's found a role model -- TV dad Phil Dunphy, actor Ty Burrell character on "Modern Family."  He says he's been watching "a bunch of episodes" of the ABC comedy, and "they seem to help a lot."  Covington explains that like the fictional father he's "definitely going to be a fun dad," but admits "there's going to be boundaries." 

Congrats to Bucky and Katherine! 

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