Sara Evans Mourns The Death Of Her Father Jack: 'I Will Miss You So Much'

Sara Evans Mourns The Death Of Her Father Jack: 'I Will Miss You So Much'

Sara Evans Mourns The Death Of Her Father Jack: 'I Will Miss You So Much'

Sara Evans announced the death of her father Jack Evans last week in an emotional statement shared to social media on Wednesday (November 25).

"Yesterday was a very sad day. We lost our dad. Jack Evans," she wrote alongside a collection of photos from his life. "He was funny, handsome, and loved by all. Dad, I will miss you so much. And love you always. R.I.P. #everyonelookslikeyou"

According to People, Evans' father died on Tuesday, November 24 at age 75, shortly after the singer's brother Matt called her with an update on their dad's health.

"My brother Matt called me and said it wasn't looking good at all and that they didn't think Dad was going to make it through the night," Evans shared. "Then I just started freaking out, got in my car and drove around and screamed and begged God not to take him yet."

Evans continued on to explain that the call from her brother came after a text from her stepmother on November 21 telling her that her dad "was not looking well." In 2017, Jack showed signs of early-onset Alzheimer's disease, and the next year, he moved into an assisted living home in Dallas, Texas. Her father had a number of medical issues, but in the last few months Evans' started to notice his Alzheimer's disease had begun to decline quickly.

"We had been planning on going back to see him this year and then COVID-19 restrictions happened," Evans said. "That is another thing that tore me up and tears me up and is tearing me up. And it's brutal. My stepmother was not able to see him much at all for the last three or four months and I think that definitely sped up his decline, for sure."

Evans went on to recognize the pain that comes when someone loses a parent. "It just doesn't feel right at all. You prepare for your parents to go before you, but then when it happens, it's just awful. It's sickening," she shared. "I'm just letting the grief do whatever it wants. It can be very scary at moments. My way of grieving is, I mean, I'm a crier, but I also scream. I just want to scream because I'm so angry. I guess it's just part of it."

The singer will remember her father for his humor, his spirit in life and his good looks, which she said is something "that everybody would talk about when I was growing up."

"It was never not fun to be with him and hang out with him," she added. "He had such a quick wit. He loved the simple things in life. And he was absolutely gorgeous." She also noted that her father was the one who helped guide her interest in music when she was young.

"He not only taught me how to sing, but he also taught me how to sing harmony," Evans revealed. "He was so proud of all of us and our music."

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