Luke Bryan Runs Out Of Gas ... Literally!

I have a reputation among my friends for ALMOST running out of gas.  There was the time we drove through the night from Fairbanks to catch a ferry in the morning in Haines.  When we pulled into Haines Junction in the Yukon Territory (about 160 miles from Haines), it was the middle of the night and the only gas station in town wouldn't open for a few more hours.  That would be too late as we had a scheduled ferry to catch ... so I took a chance and drove on.  And made it to Haines - just barely!  

Then there was the time I rented a very large travel trailer and got way worse gas mileage than I anticipated and realized I was going to run out of gas before I got to the next station in Trapper Creek.  So, I unhitched the trailer at the Veteran's Memorial off the Parks Highway and drove on without it (which improved my mileage just enough to get to Trapper Creek!)  

That said, I guess I'm in good company!  But for the record, I never actually ran out of gas.  Luke did!  :-)

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