11 Country Stars Who Have Their Own Alcohol Brands

When these country stars aren't singing about alcohol, they are selling it!

Parker McCollum

Parker is the latest country star to dive into the alcohol market. On February 1st, Parker took to social media to share the news that he was hitting the tap with his new "To Be Loved By You" Cab Sauvignon.

Jake Owen 

Jake Owen thrives on beach vibes, so why would fans expect anything less from the artist other than "Beachin'" whiskey. Jake's American Beach whiskey is filled with flavor from the islands donning Island Coconut (blue bottle) or Bonfire Cinnamon (red bottle), and both are made "for thirsty, fun-loving whiskey drinkers everywhere."

Little Big Town 

When Little Big Town hits the alcohol scene, "Don't matter what it is, I'm gonna drink it down, down, down." Little Big Town's Four Cellars Wine hails from a Washington state vineyard that crafts wines with elegance, structure and depth. It's hard to choose from their wine portfolio, including chardonnay, Merlot, a blend, which is why they proudly have released a quarterly wine club for fans to enjoy them all. 

Toby Keith

Toby knows how to shake things up with his Wild Shot Mezcal. The flavor-packed, smoky, artisanal tequila is made from wild agave and was created for sipping rather than shooting. Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar and Grill" is the official home of Wild Shot Mezcal, and while you're there, you can try cocktails, including "The Blue Mezcalita" "All-American Jar," and Swamp Water."

 Florida Georgia Line

The FGL guys used their superpowers for music and this line of Whiskey. Want a taste? Old Camp is defined as a "peach pecan, easy-drinking whiskey that doesn't sacrifice anything to be smooth." That description could also double for Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard's bio. 

Blake Shelton

The only vodka to make our list, Blake's Smithwork's American-Made Vodka is the "perfect anchor for a good time." It's rooted in Shelton's hometowns, made with water from Lake Fort Smith and corn from Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Be careful with your cup on this one. It's a good time and is said to improve your BS skills if you have social anxiety!

Kenny Chesney

Kenny's Blue Chair Bay rum is named after the song "Old Blue Chair," from 2004's When the Sun Goes Down album. Blue Chair Bay sells an entire rainbow of rums in different colors and flavors: banana, pineapple, coconut, key lime cream, and more. There's something for everyone in Chesney's rum brand.

George Strait 

Codigo is widely considered one of the more exceptional brands of tequila available. Like a true southern gentleman, there are varieties to choose from (Blanco, reposado, Anejo, Origen, and Rosa). Still, George says he goes "strait" for Codigo 1530 Anejo tequila, which is aged for 18 months in Napa Cabernet French white oak barrels. He loves it so much he even has a song about it, "Codigo." 

Miranda Lambert 

Miranda has us running for her Red 55 Winery, which offers a variety of private-label wines made to reflect her personality and career. The wines available include sweet red, Malbec, Merlot, sweet white, white zinfandel, pinot grigio, cabernet sauvignon, and even platinum almond sparkling wine. 

Jason Aldean

Jason took a tip of the cap from Florida Georgia Line and collaborated on their very own bourbon line. "Wolf Moon Bourbon" is 80 proof bourbon and distilled from Midwestern grains and aged for four years in new, charred American oak barrels. Make an online purchase and receive an exclusive leather bottle holder or a drawstring bag.

Luke Bryan 

Luke wanted a smooth sippin' beer with a satisfying taste to enjoy when kicking back at home with friends and family. So, he made one. Recently, relaunching his brand, Luke revealed that he is also dappling in Hard Seltzer which we believe is first-hand advice from his wife, Caroline.

Country fans can toast to this elixir this summer! 

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