Luke Bryan Wasn’t Prepared To Meet Shaq

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline found themselves a bit star-struck watching the Super Bowl as Tom Brady, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took home the trophy against the Kansas City Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the “Down To One” singer revealed who he wasn’t “mentally prepared” to meet in his Super Bowl suite.

“I got to meet Mike Tyson, which was a trip. Very, very, cordial, very nice,” tells Luke.

“I didn’t get a picture with him because he’d gotten into a kind of stressful situation getting into the stadium. It’s kind of hard to hide Mike Tyson, even if he is wearing a mask,” laughs Luke. “So by the time that he got into the suite that we were in, he looked a little flustered. I didn’t want to germ him with a picture. So, I didn’t take a picture. But then, I did get to meet Shaq. I have always been a big fan of him and his personality.”

“You can never mentally prepare yourself for meeting Shaq because you always imagine how big he is going to be, and then he is actually bigger than you anticipated. I got a picture with him!” says Luke with a childlike giggle.

“It was funny, I looked at him, and you know, we are both wearing buffs, not a mask, but a buff,” says the country superstar. “He looks at me, and you can tell that he kind of knows who I am. So, I am like, “Hey man, I’m Luke.” And, he points at me and goes, “Oh, I know who you are!” And, I was like, “Sweet! Shaq knows who I am!”

This was Luke’s game day highlight. Listen to hear what else Luke reveals to Cody Alan by streaming the Cody Cast podcast below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.