Holiday Traditions - Then & Now

Holiday Traditions brought to you by The Santa Claus House where it's Christmas every day.

Have you ever wondered where some of our Holiday Traditions come from? Listen to your favorite local iHeart Radio station to hear about various traditions and their origins, from why we use a Christmas Tree to what brings you luck on Christmas morning. These delightful stories will bring you closer to the spirit of the holiday season – all brought to you by the Santa Claus House where it’s Christmas every day. 

The Santa Claus House has put smiles on the faces of millions of visitors from all over the world since 1952 and is one of the top attractions in Interior Alaska to visit.. We invite you to come visit Santa and his reindeer and find the perfect gift for any occasion. Smiles are guaranteed . . . a holiday tradition for generations.

Santa's Schedule*

November 2 - December 31*

Daily: 10am - 6pm*


November 27: 10am - 5pm

November 28: Closed (Thanksgiving)

December 14 - December 23: Be here by 5pm to visit with Santa

December 24: Be here by 3pm to visit with Santa

December 25: Closed (Christmas)

December 26: Closed

December 27: Closed

December 31: 10am - 5pm

Tips to see Santa during the holidays:

•We encourage you to visit Santa as early in the holiday season as possible. The closer to Christmas, the longer the wait will be.

•The earlier in the day you arrive, the better. Arriving just as we open at 10:00am will have shorter wait times. Weekdays before 3:00pm will have shorter wait times.

•Please be prepared for a 2-3 hour wait to see Santa in the final weeks before Christmas.

*Santa does take several short breaks throughout the day and his schedule is subject to change without notice.

The Santa Claus House

101 St. Nicholas Drive

North Pole, Alaska 99705

907 - 488 - 2200

1 - 800 - 588 - 4078

102.5 KIAK · Fairbanks New Country FM

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