Kelsea Ballerini Surprises Blind Boy Battling Cancer With Special Gift

Kelsea Ballerini Surprises Blind Boy Battling Cancer With Special Gift

Kelsea Ballerini Surprises Blind Boy Battling Cancer With Special Gift

A blind 9-year-old boy battling brain cancer just got a very special gift from country music star Kelsea Ballerini.

Ayden Morgan, who is a huge fan of Ballerini, met for the first time when his wish to see her in concert was granted by the nonprofit, Do It For The Love. After the concert, Ayden had the chance to meet Ballerini in person. The two connected over their love for music and playing the guitar.

"In tough times...he helps escape all of his worries by singing and listening to music," Ayden's mother, Tiffany Henke, told Fox 17 News.

Ayden shared with his mom that he and Ballerini talked about how he was learning to play electric guitar. He said that the country singer even told him that one day when he's older they should jam together.

Following the concert, Ayden's mom checked the mail and found a package addressed to her son. When the young boy opened it up, he was surprised to find a guitar customized specifically for him with his name in Braille along with a heartfelt handwritten note from Ballerini.

"Ayden, meeting you in St. Augustine really touched my heart, and I wanted to get you a special guitar to encourage you to keep playing and using your life. All my love, Kelsea," Ballerini wrote in the note.

A video taken by Henke shows Ayden totally overjoyed about the gift.

"I can't believe Kelsea Ballerini sent this to me. I can't believe it. My favorite singer sent me the most amazingest, most greatest thing," Ayden exclaims in the video. "I'm so happy right now that she sent me this. I can feel the love."

The surprise gift was a once in a lifetime moment for both Ayden and his mother. "The gift that she sent us was absolutely unbelievable," Henke told Fox 17. "I never would have imagined in my whole lifetime that someone would have done something so thoughtful for my son."

Ballerini's husband, fellow country artist, Morgan Evans, took to Twitter to share the story. "This'll warm your heart today," he writes in the tweet. "@KelseaBallerini you're the sweetest...I think I have something in my eye..."

Watch the full video below to see Ayden's reaction to his gift from Ballerini.

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