Alaskan Describes Before & After of Las Vegas Concert Shooting

Our hearts go out to Rob McIntosh, his family and his good friend Mike Cronk. From everyone in North Pole and Fairbanks, Alaska.

Shared from KTUU ~ Our local NBC affiliate 

"I thought it was fireworks," says an Alaskan who was attending the concert in Las Vegas. "When my buddy actually got hit, we knew it was serious."Inside the article, WATCH: as Mike Cronk reunites with his friend, North Pole realtor Rob McIntosh, in the hospital."

Photo: ZUMA Press/MGN

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (NBC) Below is a transcript of an interview conducted by NBC's Lester Holt with Mike Cronk. Cronk was attending the concert with his friend Rob McIntosh when bullets started flying.

Cronk and McIntosh reunited later in the day. Watch the video at the end of the transcript.



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